If you have missing coursework, you are lacking certain courses required by the State of Illinois. These courses must be completed before you are eligible to receive your Illinois Educator License regardless of whether you go through the Chicago Teacher Residency or a program at another university. Students can make up coursework in a variety of ways, detailed below.

NLU Courses

Go to http://www.nl.edu/course_schedule/ and search for the following content area codes:

  • LAE English 
  • LAM Math 
  • LAN Biological and Physical Science 
  • LAP Psychology
  • LAS Social Science

Credit from Another Institution

You can also make up coursework by taking courses online or at local community colleges. 

Some popular options include:

If and when you register for additional coursework, please notify AUSL Admissions at admissions@auslchicago.org of the classes you will be taking.

Other Information

  • You will receive credit for any college-level course as long as it does not overlap with your previous coursework and has been approved by your advisor. In other words, if you’ve already taken an algebra class, you cannot receive credit for taking a similar type of course.
  • A “C” or higher is required to receive credit for your coursework. Residents may enter the Chicago Teacher Residency program with up to 6 semester hours of missing coursework. This coursework must be completed before the end of the summer term. If you are missing more than 6 hours of missing coursework, then you must make up the coursework before the training year starts.
  • If you are lacking upper-level coursework, you will need to take 300-400 level courses. Some 200-level courses may qualify; please contact your advisor beforehand.
  • Depending on your timeline, you may hold off on beginning your courses until your first interview has been completed.

CLEP/DANTES Tests (Valid for Elementary/Middle Candidates Only)

NLU will award credit by examination for eligible students who achieve acceptable scores on CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs). Computer-based CLEP tests may be taken on NLU’s Lisle campuses or at other institutions offering CLEP tests. If CLEP tests are taken at another institution your score reports should be sent to NLU to award credit. DANTES are administered at NLU’s Lisle campus on a regular basis. For more information regarding DANTES or CLEP please contact 630-874-4316. 

  • Cost: Each CLEP and DANTES test costs approximately $80-105, plus $25 for the NLU administration fee.
  • Code Number: Please indicate National Louis as the recipient of your official test results. On the day of your test, you can do this by providing the code number 1310 for CLEP or 8340 for DANTES.
  • Study Guides: Available through most bookstores and public libraries. You can also get more test information on the websites where individual subject guides are available for purchase. Recommended study time for each test is at least 2 weeks.
  • Other Important Facts: NLU only accepts test scores that are 50 or above for CLEP tests. Passing scores on DANTES tests vary. If you do not successfully pass a test, you will have to wait 6 months to take the same test. If you wish to take a different test, then you can take it within the 6-month timeframe (e.g., if you take the Analyzing/Interpreting Literature test and get a 49, you cannot retake this test but you can always take the English Literature or American Literature test instead.). Also, you only have to complete the multiple-choice portion on all CLEP tests – you do not have to do the essay portion. Finally, you may only take one math test towards math deficiencies. 

More Information

If and when you take CLEP or DANTES exams, please send the score results to AUSL Admissions at admissions@auslchicago.org.

Disclaimer: Please note that completing additional coursework or tests to meet eligibility requirements does not necessarily mean that you will gain admission to the Chicago Teacher Residency program. Coursework eligibility is a basic requirement that does not guarantee admission.